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The Visian ICL has already improved the lives of more than 425,000 people. Watch some of those people share their stories

Visian ICL Testimonials

Featured Stories

View the incredible results experienced by some well-known patients.

A Qualified Decision - Ophthalmologist Stuart Eason MD explains why he chose the Visian ICL over a LASIK procedure

AJ Cook – Actress, CBS Criminal Minds

Christopher Reid – Entertainer/comedian

Alan Abrahamson – Sports columnist, story seen on the NBC Today Show

Andrea Lowell - model, actress and radio host of Sirius XM Radio's "Playboy Morning Show."

Aaron Luna - St. Louis Cardinals Baseball Player

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The Surgical Procedure

Even after reading about the simple Visian ICL surgical procedure you may still wonder what you’ll experience during the implantation of the lens. Hear about the procedure from actual patients.

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Moments after the Surgery

Witness the excitement of Visian ICL patients as they recount experiencing “High Definition Visian” immediately after their procedures.

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Quality of Vision

A superior quality of vision can improve lives in many ways. Listen to how it affected these Visian ICL patients.

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Compared to LASIK

These patients had various reasons for choosing the Visian ICL over LASIK. Learn why they chose the procedure and even hear about their friends' reactions.

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A Procedure Worth Sharing

It’s one thing to read reasons to get the Visian ICL; it’s another to hear why patients want to share their positive experiences with others.

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